Green Roofs


Why Grow Periphyton?

Kyle Jensen Architect has extensive experience and is a subject matter expert in algal culture and harvest for surface water nutrient management. Mr. Jensen has developed a suite of technologies that incorporate aquatic and terrestrial fiber producing a hybrid “Green “ pulp which can be molded into a wide array of products for building and agriculture using advanced molded pulp technology.

Periphyton grows faster than any other plant community on earth. This means they remove nutrient pollution and produce pristine quality outflows better than other aquatic plants.

Periphyton Filters are aquatic culture systems, which provide shallow stable culture surface for algal cells to attach and grow, and a harvesting device or system for harvest of mature periphyton. Periphyton grows logarithmically in the first week or 2 and then slows. Harvesting keeps the periphyton culture growing at maximum rate and physically effects removal of sequestered pollutants from the water system.

What is a Periphyton Roof?

A Periphyton Roof (patent pending) is an adaptation of a Periphyton Filter integrated into a sunlit exposed building surface. Water is taken from and returns to a surface water body of significant size. The culture system is thermally linked to the building interior, which studies show dramatically reduces Solar Heat Gain and consequent energy needs for interior cooling and in some cases heating. It’s like a water-cooled building envelope.

The Main Benefit – Energy Savings

Water flowing over the roof intercepts radiant heat from the sun, greatly reducing heat irradiated on the building roof by a minimum of 67%. This will lower building electrical usage at the peak hours of demand, which intern reduces carbon emissions and the need for additional power generation for peak loads. The cost of pumping water on roof is less than 10% of the cooling load cost value calculation. Not just any water will work. Ideally the roof is tied to a natural water system like a lake, river, wetland or other large surface water.

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