Kyle Jensen, Architect

Kyle Jensen

Kyle Jensen


My passion as an Architect is designing and refining a building project like a violin. If you study my more important work, you’ll see art in the form of a building like few other architects can offer. I use Sketch up to 3 D model designs because it shows me and my clients exactly what the built environment will be like to be in with photo realism if desired.

I strive to make the process of realizing your building goals fun. Sketch up has a very capable free version that any one who uses a computer can work with. This lets us study all the ideas and options and it’s a lot of fun.

Once we know what you want, I produce Permit Drawings. Permit Drawings start at $2,500 for a small project, and they go up to over $50,000 for multi million dollar homes. I use Auto CAD and Sketch Up for permit drawings. On small projects, (< $250,000) I require a 50% retainer and the balance of payment upon turning over the drawings to you or your agent. Any changes required by the Authority are handled immediately and are free of charge. I don’t charge extra for reproduction or anything else. I run a fully transparent operation and you always know where you stand.

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